Equipment under $500: Is the Stamina Air Rower the Best?

Stamina Air Rower (1402 ATS) Product Review:

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The Stamina Air Rower (1402 ATS) is one of the most well-reviewed indoor rowers that you could buy within a $500 budget.  This makes it a great choice for those who want to enter in the world of indoor rowing but are operating within a smaller price range.  If you don’t have a lot of time right now, head on over to Amazon here for more information and the current price.  Otherwise keep reading for more information on this machine.

Why Rowing?

Rowing is a hugely beneficial cardiovascular exercise.  It’s low impact making it a great choice for people of all ages and sizes.  It is a total-body exercise, working 40% of the upper body and 60% of the lower body with each full stroke so it’s a great exercise for muscular development and endurance.  It’s also relatively low cost, making it a great option for those who want to build a fully-rounded home gym on a budget.

For those looking for a rower under $500, the Stamina Air Rower is a fantastic option to add to your fitness equipment.

What is an Air Rower?

An air rower has a flywheel that generates resistance as you row.  The resistance can generally be adjusted on the side of the wheel but it is also determined by how hard and fast you row.  The harder or faster you go, the greater the resistance is.  The slower you row, the lower the resistance.  This makes controlling the intensity of your workout as simple as slowing or speeding up your stroke.

Rowing Technique:

Rowing form is very important to get right but also very easy to learn.  When I bought my indoor rower, I had never done rowing except for the occasional kayak trip (which is a different kind of rowing).  Thus, I literally had no idea what to do.  That being said, it took less than 15 minutes to learn the proper form and less than 30 to master it.  Check out these videos below for some easy, quick instruction that will have you rowing well in no time:

Pros of the Stamina Air Rower:

  • The Stamina Air Rower has built in wind resistance providing a smooth, steady stroke as you exercise.
  • The machine is built with a sturdy, long-lasting, steel construction base.  It is designed to fit any size user and has large, adjustable foot holds to accommodate different sizes.  In addition it has a well-built, comfortably padded seat, that is engineered to slide smoothly throughout your entire stroke.
  • The Stamina Air Rower (1402 ATS)  has a built in performance monitor that easily cycles through all the information you would need to keep track of your progress: distance, time, speed, calories burned, total strokes and your strokes per minute.
  • This indoor rower is perfect for those with limited space as it has built in wheels for easy moving and can quickly fold up into a smaller place when not in use.  In addition it has floor-protectors in all necessary places to keep your floor from getting damaged when in use.
  • The Price.  Well within a $500 budget, this is a great indoor rower that will fit into almost any budget.  It gives great value for the money and is a great option for those who have either a lower budget or want to start rowing without investing $1000+ on a machine. Check here on Amazon for the current price.
  • It’s super easy to put together.  You can purchase professional assembly on Amazon here when you order, if you are in doubt, but most should be able to get it put together easily and quickly themselves.

Cons of the Stamina Air Rower:

  • Although a very good indoor rower for the price, it is a cheaper model and thus you won’t get the same level of craftsmanship and durability as a higher end model like the Concept 2 Model D.  For the beginner or intermediate rower this shouldn’t even be an issue. However if you are a serious rower or want a machine that will last years and years without any problems, consider investing in a Concept 2 model instead.

Other Information:

  • The Stamina Air Rower is designed to fit most people, if you are very tall (over 6’ 3”) you may not be able to fully extend at the farthest point of your stroke.  You can visit the Amazon page here for more information about height and machine use.
  • It comes with a 90 day warranty on all parts, and a 3 year warranty on the frame.
  • For those who have small spaces, it measures 73.5 x 18.2 x 22 inches.  Keep in mind though, that it folds up much smaller and thus is a great machine option for those short on space.

In Short:

The Stamina Air Rower (1402 ATS) is a durable piece of home gym equipment that will add value and benefit to your workouts and your body composition.  If you are someone who is either:

  • Looking to expand your home gym
  • Looking for a machine that will exercise your whole body in one session
  • Or maybe to start building a home gym within a $500 budget

Give some serious consideration to the Stamina Air Rower (1402 ATS) and check it out on Amazon at this link for current prices and more reviews.  

Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions in the comments below and check back soon for my reviews and articles!

7 Replies to “Equipment under $500: Is the Stamina Air Rower the Best?”

  1. Thanks for the useful information on the Stamina Air Rower. I was searching to have a few questions answered about this machine before I make a final decision and you’ve answered those and more! Great review

  2. I like to do rowing as part of my workout, but I want to spend my time wisely at the gym. I didn’t know these rowers were so cheap. Now I can row at home, and keep my routine at the gym. Cheers.

  3. Hey I had no idea that you could get a rower for under $500! I have definitely wanted one for quite some time and I found this article very enlightening. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll start saving right away 🙂

  4. I’ve had several “cheap” home gym machines and I’ve found that they will generally hold up just fine if you are careful with them. They just tend to not be made to stand up to the kind of abuse a machine might see at a commercial gym.

  5. The video about common mistakes is really helpful. It’s good to learn how to row, but even better to know what you might be doing just a bit wrong. Thanks for the informative article!

  6. Thanks for the good info on this rower. Just wondering if you’ve looked at all into the science behind working out with a rower, and why it’s so beneficial compared to say something like body weight training ?



    1. I have actually, quite extensively (planning a future article on the benefits of weight training) and do both myself. Weight training is one of the best methods of actually increasing muscle mass and changing your metabolism but having a form of cardio to add balance to a weight regime is (in my opinion) beneficial to the overall health of your body and heart. So, I would actually strongly recommend doing both. Rowing is an excellent form of cardio while still providing strength benefits so I think it’s one of the forms of cardio that will provide you the most bang for your buck (which is something I always look for in exercise). Of course it doesn’t have to be rowing – there are many forms of cardio (walking, running, cycling, HIIT training etc..) and THE most important thing is to find one that you can enjoy long term as that will be what you will find mentally easy to stick with. 🙂


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