Last Bump Photo, Birth, & Postpartum Week 1

My littlest man was born at 38 weeks, 6 days weighing 6 lbs. 7 ounces.  He is a tiny little peanut but perfect in every way and a champion eater.

 I happened to snag one last bump photo a couple of days before he was born which was good because he came a bit early!  

Last Bump Photo: 38.5 weeks +31 lbs.

My labor was long (18 hours) and hard, but he’s such an amazing baby (just sleeps, eats and snuggles) that I forgave him pretty quickly for making me work so hard to get him out! 😉  I will be doing a postpartum series documenting weight loss; fat loss; and exercise over the next several weeks.  I finished the pregnancy at 158 pounds (for a 31 pound weight gain) and after 1 week I’m 142 pounds.  My body doesn’t really kick into losing weight until a few months after so I don’t expect to lose any pounds for a little bit but I am hoping to start regaining some muscle.  

Once I pass the six week mark, I plan on doing a three month weight training program to help build up my core, upper body and overall body strength.  In addition I’ll be incorporating more cardio to hopefully assist in dropping a few pounds.  My number one priority will be making sure I can continue breastfeeding the little guy, but with my other two babies, I was able to exercise quite intensely and it had no noticeable affect on my milk supply, so I’m hoping that will prove the same this time around as well!

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Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks with baby #3

How Big is Baby:

According to Baby Center, our little guy is about 6ish pounds and 18 inches long.  He is still considered pre-term but if born now, would most likely have very few health problems and typically would only require a very short stay in the hospital.

Weight gain:  I’ve gained 28 pounds so far.  This is the amount I gained total with my 2nd baby so it looks like I’ll be gaining about the same or a little more this time around.  I’m still well within a healthy weight gain range and as long as baby is healthy and well I don’t mind.

Body Changes:  Still getting bigger.  Of course!  At my home visit last week, we found out that little guy was breech!  At this point I’m not TOO concerned, as both of my other babies were also breech at this point and flipped on their own before birth.  That being said, naturally I would definitely prefer a head-down baby for a multitude of reasons (like.. Not wanting a c-section!).  As of writing this post, I THINK baby has flipped but I’ll find out for sure at my next appointment on Monday. Edit: He flipped!

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Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks with Baby#3

fullsizerender-1It’s been quite a few weeks since I gave a pregnancy update and what and how my exercise has changed as I’ve moved well into the third trimester.

Overall, this third pregnancy has gone more smoothly than my first two despite some life happenings like my two year old breaking his leg TWICE in a space of three months.. Not fun! (He has a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta and although he has Type I, which is considered mild, it still means that he can break bones quite easily.)

He currently is 2 weeks into a 5 week stint of being in a spica cast (I’ll post on that later), so life has been interesting to say the least.  There isn’t a lot out there on spica casts and toddlers, so I’ll definitely be doing a post on ways to deal and cope (and diaper care!)… because it’s something I sure would have appreciated!

Thankfully he is a very tough, happy little guy so it hasn’t been as hard as it could be, but it’s definitely not what I would have preferred in the last two months of pregnancy!

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Prenatal Yoga: Safe and Effective Workouts you can do While Pregnant


I’m currently coming up on my 30th week of pregnancy with baby #3.  As I’m already a mom of two small children, sometimes all I have time for in a day is a quick 10 minute workout session.  And at 30 weeks pregnant, I don’t always feel like doing something really hard and intense.  My mobility is changing; my belly is getting bigger and my baby is requiring more and more nutrients to grow and develop.

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Riding a Bike Century at 22 Weeks Pregnant: Ride Report

Ride to Defeat ALS Century: Cycling for Two


I got up at 4:30am as I had to drive an hour to get to the start.  I didn’t have much to do besides make coffee and get dressed as I had done most of the work the evening before.  My game plan before an event is always three basic things:

  • Go over my bike and make sure everything is in working order
  • Ride at least 10 miles to make sure everything actually works. (The ONE time I didn’t do this, I got two flats within the first 10 miles of a 100 mile ride.  It ended up delaying us by two hours, which meant the last 20 miles were in horrendous heat.  If I had just stuck to this rule, I would have gotten them on my short ride and taken care of it before the big day.)
  • Get my clothes and equipment ready.  For this ride, I needed bike shorts, jersey, 2 water bottles, a couple packs of Clif Shot Bloks for emergency food (I used these strawberry ones off of Amazon), wallet, iphone, keys, shoes, helmet, riding gloves, a jacket (in case of rain), and a change of clothes for when I was done.

    Jersey, shorts, helmet, clif shot bloks, gloves and shoes
    Jersey, shorts, helmet, clif shot bloks, gloves and shoes

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Can you Ride a Bike Century while Pregnant? 10 Important Tips

Riding a Bike Century while Pregnant:

Should you even ride a bike while Pregnant?

Out doing what I love!
Out doing what I love!

Despite what some people may think, cycling (or bike riding) is actually one of the recommended forms of exercise for pregnant women, due to its low impact attributes and cardiovascular benefits.

I’ve been cycling regularly for seven years now.  In that time I’ve done several 100-mile centuries, and even more metric centuries (100 km or 62 miles).  I did four 100-mile centuries when I was pregnant with my first child in 2012, including a double century (200 miles in one day: Seattle, WA to Portland, OR, 11.5 hours riding time).  I’m now pregnant with my third child (due November 2016) and am preparing for a century in a couple days.  This particular century is a ride to raise funds for those suffering with ALS:

I have not done a century this far along yet, and although I feel mostly prepared, I’m undecided yet whether I’ll be doing a metric century(100 km) or a 100 mile century.  

This brings me to the Top 10 Important Points that I’ve learned over the years when doing long distance endurance events or races while you are pregnant.

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How I Stay Fit Throughout Pregnancy:

Exercise throughout pregnancy?  Absolutely!
Exercise while growing a baby? Absolutely!

I am currently pregnant with my third child, due November 2016.  I gave birth to my first two in 2013 and 2014 respectively.  They were 18 months apart and this one will be about 2.5 years from my last.  I have exercised through all that time, utilizing my own home gym and the equipment I’ve built up over the years.

As I currently take care of my children full time, I need my workouts to be as efficient and effective as possible and the current equipment I’ve chosen to buy have been specifically geared towards that requirement.  Over the last several years I’ve learned what my body can handle and the importance of exercising consistently when I’m pregnant.

Keep reading to find out what I do and what I use:

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