Last Bump Photo, Birth, & Postpartum Week 1

My littlest man was born at 38 weeks, 6 days weighing 6 lbs. 7 ounces.  He is a tiny little peanut but perfect in every way and a champion eater.

 I happened to snag one last bump photo a couple of days before he was born which was good because he came a bit early!  

Last Bump Photo: 38.5 weeks +31 lbs.

My labor was long (18 hours) and hard, but he’s such an amazing baby (just sleeps, eats and snuggles) that I forgave him pretty quickly for making me work so hard to get him out! 😉  I will be doing a postpartum series documenting weight loss; fat loss; and exercise over the next several weeks.  I finished the pregnancy at 158 pounds (for a 31 pound weight gain) and after 1 week I’m 142 pounds.  My body doesn’t really kick into losing weight until a few months after so I don’t expect to lose any pounds for a little bit but I am hoping to start regaining some muscle.  

Once I pass the six week mark, I plan on doing a three month weight training program to help build up my core, upper body and overall body strength.  In addition I’ll be incorporating more cardio to hopefully assist in dropping a few pounds.  My number one priority will be making sure I can continue breastfeeding the little guy, but with my other two babies, I was able to exercise quite intensely and it had no noticeable affect on my milk supply, so I’m hoping that will prove the same this time around as well!

Postpartum Week 1:

Weight: 142 pounds (down from 158)  My  pre-pregnancy weight was 127 pounds (I’m 5’5”) although honestly my ‘happy’ weight is anywhere between 125 – 135 as I care more about my body fat percentage number than the number on the scale.  I aim for 16-18% body fat and feel like my body is healthy there.  I use the Omron Fat Loss Monitor which you can find on Amazon.  I’ve used it for several years now, and although it make not be as accurate as something like the Water Displacement Test, it’s a fairly accurate home-use method of keeping track of where you are.

2 days postpartum – no belly binder
2 days postpartum – no belly binder















Exercise: Light stretching; some yoga; and one slow bike ride (which trust me, I would not do if it wasn’t comfortable).  In upcoming posts, I will be talking about my fitness plan to get back in shape post-baby; exercise routines; and posting regular updates on my progress!

Food: Whatever I want: mostly healthy choices but I don’t regulate calories or intake in the early months of breastfeeding.

Other Things I’m doing: I’m using a belly wrap for the first time and definitely appreciate the extra back support that it gives.  I use this one  that I got off Amazon.  It was very well reviewed and cheaper than some of the other options.  I have found it works very well and is quite comfortable.  Other than that, I’m resting a lot; my other two children have been able to go to their grandparents quite a bit which has helped out as well.  I do about 30 minutes of something moderately active in the day and the rest of the time I spend on the couch bonding with my little guy. 🙂

 If you have any questions or comments, please feel to drop a note in the comment section below.  Otherwise, check back soon for more articles, reviews, fitness and life updates!

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