Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks with baby #3

How Big is Baby:

According to Baby Center, our little guy is about 6ish pounds and 18 inches long.  He is still considered pre-term but if born now, would most likely have very few health problems and typically would only require a very short stay in the hospital.

Weight gain:  I’ve gained 28 pounds so far.  This is the amount I gained total with my 2nd baby so it looks like I’ll be gaining about the same or a little more this time around.  I’m still well within a healthy weight gain range and as long as baby is healthy and well I don’t mind.

Body Changes:  Still getting bigger.  Of course!  At my home visit last week, we found out that little guy was breech!  At this point I’m not TOO concerned, as both of my other babies were also breech at this point and flipped on their own before birth.  That being said, naturally I would definitely prefer a head-down baby for a multitude of reasons (like.. Not wanting a c-section!).  As of writing this post, I THINK baby has flipped but I’ll find out for sure at my next appointment on Monday. Edit: He flipped!

Clothes:  My clothing options have decreased somewhat.  I’m just trying to hang on until this baby is born!  The last four weeks are such a short period of time I don’t like to buy a ton of clothes just for those weeks which I then have to store for a long time.  Essentially I’m living in leggings and tunic tops (which are gradually getting shorter and shorter, haha!).

Goals for this Month:  So many!  I still don’t have a crib and need to get one – I can’t believe I haven’t already, but can I just say life has been insane the past month (or two or three).  I’m pretty sure I know which one I want, I just need to order it.  (Thankfully, Amazon Prime is there to save the day!).  I also plan on making about 30 frozen meals to help get us through the holiday time.  And then I need to finish “decluttering” our house.. It’s in quotes because I keep our home fairly decluttered on a regular basis.  I can be pretty brutal with getting rid of stuff I see no use for, so the ‘nesting’ period is just another excuse to do another overhaul.  That being said, there’s not a lot of extra to get rid of anymore as we live in a fairly small space and I’ve already decluttered a few times this year.  And I need to get some semblance of Christmas planning done because I know the postpartum period will be overwhelming some way or another.

Sleep: Sleep is fine.. Once I can get to sleep.  From when I go to bed to when I fall asleep I usually end up tossing and turning for 30-45 minutes trying to find a good position, as well as just getting up to go to the bathroom another handful of times.  That being said, out of all of my pregnancies, I’ve definitely slept the best in this one (thanks to using a Caspar Mattress).

Labor signs:  Lots of Braxton Hicks as well as some pelvic pressure!  I’m not seriously thinking that I will go early with this little guy but the thought is still in the back of my mind as I’ve never gotten so many contractions so early on (started around 30 weeks).  Of course, it’s also my third child and I’ve read that you can get those signs earlier on with subsequent babies.  I’ve also started to dilate and efface, which I know can also either be a sign of early labor OR something that just happens after you’ve had a couple babies.

Movement:  He’s super active!  It feels like he’s just bouncing on a trampoline in there sometimes! Particularly at night. 😉  It’s reassuring though that everything is going well with him!

Exercise: I stopped cycling a couple weeks ago.  I made it 8 months and enjoyed every bit of it, but it finally got to uncomfortable.. And our weather changed to a lot of rain, and I felt it better to stop.  I’m still exercising on a regular basis and am alternating between rowing sessions on my Concept2, hour walks and doing yoga/pilates/body-weight exercises to prepare for labor.

What I miss:  Being able to just fall asleep without feeling like a certain position is suffocating me. ;-); having a wider wardrobe to choose from; and honestly not carrying an extra 28 pounds of weight everywhere!

What I’m looking forward to:  This little one being born; the Holiday season; and a less stressful and eventful (hopefully!) holiday season than the last three months have been!

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