Prenatal Yoga: Safe and Effective Workouts you can do While Pregnant


I’m currently coming up on my 30th week of pregnancy with baby #3.  As I’m already a mom of two small children, sometimes all I have time for in a day is a quick 10 minute workout session.  And at 30 weeks pregnant, I don’t always feel like doing something really hard and intense.  My mobility is changing; my belly is getting bigger and my baby is requiring more and more nutrients to grow and develop.

Yoga is a great way to relax and de-stress while still giving you a good workout and prenatal yoga is specifically designed to accommodate the changes that a woman’s body goes through during this nine month period of time.  These two videos (by professional yoga instructor, Tara Stiles) are short and effective and specifically designed for pregnancy.  Whether pregnant or not they’ll give you a great stretch and make you feel more energized for the rest of your day.  Enjoy!

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