My Top 10 Go-To Fitness Accessories for Living an Active Lifestyle as a Mom


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As a full-time mom to three little ones (4 years old, 2.5 years old, and 3 months old) it’s not always easy to carve out time for exercise and it’s also far too easy to make excuses for myself!  So, I’ve written up my Top Ten Go-To Fitness Products that either help me stay motivated; help me stay on top of my fitness goals; or make it easy to exercise even if I have to do it with all my kids.  I’ve included a “Why I love this” description and a link that will take you to Amazon where you can find more reviews and current prices.  So, keep reading below for what makes working out with toddlers easier for THIS mom.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Some of the links below will take you to Amazon, where you’ll find more details and current pricing on each item! These link are no extra cost to you and help me support running this site.


This keeps me motivated daily to meet my “activity” goals as well as keep track of my macros.  I got a Fitbit One  when I had my daughter four years ago and I’ve used it daily ever since.  It keeps track of steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, and miles done in a day.  They have an app and a website where you can also enter in your food to keep track of your intake; keep track of your sleep; keep track of your weight and body fat percentage and enter in your other daily activities.  In addition, you can set goals for yourself and get badges for different achievements. The Fitbit One lasts forever.. Almost too well!  I keep waiting it for it to break so I can splurge on a newer model but it works just as well as when I got it four years ago, so no reason yet!  The only downside is it is NOT waterproof.  I’m very careful that it doesn’t end up in the laundry (you wear it attached to your pants) but if you think you might you’d be prone to forget, you’d be better off choosing one of their watches.

Good Shoes

A good comfortable pair (or several) of athletic shoes are essential in my life.  If I have only time enough to go for a quick walk or run, these are absolutely necessary to have on hand! They don’t have to be that expensive either.  You can get a reasonable pair for around $30 (of course you can spend a lot more too), and they are invaluable to have around.

Workout Clothes

I’ll just be honest and admit that I live in workout clothes half the time.  As a mom, I don’t always have time to change and some days, all I can do is squeeze in several 5 minute sessions in throughout my day so wearing something that is always easy to workout in is key in my life.  As a result, you’ll see very few skirts and dresses in my everyday wardrobe and a lot of pants, leggings and shorts.  In particular,  leggings like these are a key wardrobe piece for me.  I’ll pair them with a good sports bra and a shirt:  I often wear tanktops during the summer but in the cooler months I’ll go for longer sleeve tops.

Infusion Water Bottle

One thing I’m constantly trying to do is drink more water.  And as I’m now breastfeeding again, it’s even more important to keep my water intake high.  In the past I’ve carried around a small water-bottle but I got this infusion water bottle a few months ago as a gift and love it!  It comes with a bunch of recipes for different flavors of water, comes with an infuser, holds 32 ounces and is very easy to haul around!

The True Bar

 I’ve lately been working hard on my strength training goals(an article on the plan I follow will be coming soon) and these Country Archer Meat Protein Bars are not only amazing but also are a great way to help me reach my protein intake goals. All natural, non gmo, soy free, no added antibiotics or hormones, no nitrates or nitrites and no msg.  And they deliver 20 grams of protein in one small package.  They come in three flavors: turkey herb(my favorite), pork bbq and pork&beef cayenne.  A trifle on the spendy side for a protein bar, I still consider them well worth it especially as I have yet to find a protein powder that I can love.

PowerBlock Dumbbells

I invested in this set a couple years ago and it remains one of my most valuable and used pieces in my home gym.  They’re extremely easy to use, take very little storage space and if you’re serious about strength training, are a GREAT investment! Because of the ages of my kids, and the fact that I’m a currently full-time mom, I have very rarely had access to a regular gym (and never for more than a couple months at a time), and so instead have focused on building up my equipment at home.  This set is slightly more expensive than buying separate dumbbells but the fact that it’s extremely space efficient and easy to use is worth the extra few dollars.  And honestly, if you’re going to invest in a wide range of dumbbells, you’ll save money with these!

Workout Gloves

These aren’t necessary for everyone, but if you lift (especially heavy weights) or ride at all, you’ll want a pair.  And that’s why they are one of my “essentials!”.  If you want to know why, let’s just say it’s pretty unmotivating to workout when you have blisters and sore spots on your hands!

Bob Stroller

My double Bob Stroller is another “I can’t do without” piece of equipment (or the Bob single if you have one child).  This allows me to go on long walks or runs with my kids and the ability to get outside and explore!  And a thrifty-mom-tip: You can often find these for a bit cheaper on Craigslist AND they have amazing resale value when your kids outgrow them.

Baby Carrier

Every mom has her favorite carrier, so I’ll just say that after trying two other ones, the Beco Gemini is the one for me.  I love the way the straps cross in the back as it makes it (in my mind) much more secure for the baby.  And now with three kids, a carrier is even more essential in order to get outside with them all!


This is a free website & phone app (you can sign up for a premium version but it’s not necessary), that you can install and use it to track your walks, runs or bike rides.  You can also manually keep track of your other workouts if you wish.  I love this because one of the things that motivates me is seeing how far I’ve come and so I love the fact that it keeps track of everything; telling you whether you’re getting faster or better (or slower, ha!).


And one extra: FitnessBlender!  This is your bonus if you read this far down!  Completely free, designed by a husband and wife team it has over 500 workouts of all variety, intensity and exercise.  From HIIT, strength, yoga, pilates, low impact, high impact, low intensity, high intensity.. You name it, they probably have it.  If you do nothing else, check this website out.. You will probably find it as motivating as I do.. And it’s free!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me in the comment section below.  Otherwise check back soon for more health and fitness articles, product reviews and fit lifestyle tips!

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